President Binita Sen's Message

I thank God for this opportunity.

This is a momentous time in SI Pune Metro East....A decade of great work has been accomplished.

During the next two years I would like to draw your attention to the blue print of a better future.....The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For the goals to be reached everyone needs to do their part Goverments,the Private sector, Civil Societies and people like you and me. But how many of us really know how we can reach them?

The GOOD LIFE GOALS represent an effort to answer this question and help a Global audience to recognise the vital role of individual action in achieving the SDGs. The Goodlife goals lay out 85 ways anyone can contributetowards the huge planet changing objectives that sit at the heart of the SDG agenda.

By following the Good life Goals we can help make tomorrow better than today.....Lets do this

Meet The SIPME Team 2020 - 2022

Ask Me Why I'm A Soroptimist

One more feature in our cap:- The SIPME video on 'Ask Me Why I'm a Soroptimist' has been announced as the winner in the SIGBI membership competition amongst ten other videos. The video has reached 19006 people on FaceBook & has been viewed 9500 times. It has been shared more than 126 times, achieving the highest ever figures by any post in the history of SIGBI.

A Bright Past - Soroptimists Celebrate 100 Years

How pleasing it is to know that in another year's time Soroptimist will have completed 100 years of service. What an amazingly varied journey it has been grown from an idea when women sought their space in the world – outside the home and hearth responsibilities. 100 years later Soroptimists have emerged in the forefront in their communities, countries and on the world platform they have a voice of their own. No wonder the celebrations have been christened BRIGHT PAST BRILLIANT FUTURE. Soroptimist International showcases the best of women worldwide. Its presence makes a difference in the lives of women and girls no matter to which community they belong. It is humbling to be a part of this organization that has delivered so much for the empowerment of women. An organization that advocates for the principles of equality as spelt out in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.
The Brilliant Future lies Ahead.
SI Pune Metro East is privileged to be part of Soroptimist International

SIGBI 85th Federation Conference - Bournemouth 2019

The 85th SIGBI Federation Conference was held at the Bournemouth International Conference Centre from 24th to 26th October 2019. The theme for 2018 - 19 was "Think on it" which focuses on our own wellbeing and the mental health of the women and girls we support. Many women and girls experience adverse life experiences, for example, as a result of domestic violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, imprisonment and trafficking or have mental health issues related to anorexia, self-harm, post-natal depression or dementia. Clubs have been challenged throughout 2018 - 19 to improve their own mental health and to raise awareness of the wellbeing and mental health of the women and girls we support. The Conference speakers exemplified this theme through their own experiences of mental health issues or through their work in supporting the wellbeing of others.

CSW63 - 2019

The sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 12 to 23 March 2018. Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world attended the session.

  • Priority theme:
    Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls;
  • Review theme:
    Participation in and access of women to the media, and information and communications technologies and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women (agreed conclusions of the forty-seventh session);

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